Learn To Play

The OWBHL is proud to offer a Learn to Play Program for children 5 and 6 years of age.  The Learn to Play Program is a skills development program.  Players have an opportunity to learn the great game of ball hockey and develop basic playing skills through drills and games with their OWBHL Instructor(s).

The program runs for 10 weeks commencing mid-April, on Saturday mornings.  Sessions last 45 minutes each and take place at the Belltown Dome.  Each player receives an OWBHL t-shirt.

Players are required to wear the following equipment:

·      CSA approved helmet with full-face shield (just like ice hockey);
·      gloves (hockey or ball hockey);
·      hockey stick;
·      shin pads (hockey or soccer);
·      running shoes/proper footwear.

Any metal, solid material or plastic knee brace worn must be covered by socks or other means.  A protective cup for the boys and a “Jill” protector for the girls is strongly recommended.