Game Rules

Game Details

  • Games are composed of three 15 minute run-time periods
  • Hard balls are used for Bantam and Midget
  • If a game’s score is within 2 goals in the third period, the clock is stopped at every whistle in the last three minutes
  • If a game’s score is 3 goals or more in the third period, the clock is running time; should the difference return to a 2 goal or less difference, it will revert to the stop time rule
  • In the regular season, there are no time-outs available to any team
  • Teams will have one time-out per game in the playoffs


  • Novice and atom minor penalties are two minutes, running time.  Peewee, Bantam and Midget minor penalties are three minutes, running time.
  • In the final 3 minutes in a game with a two or less goal range, penalties are 2 minute stop time
  • Any player who receives three infractions in any match will be ejected
  • Any double-minor penalty assessed will count as one penalty towards the ejection instead of two penalties
  • When a player contacts the ball with their stick above their shoulders,  the face-off will be brought to the face-off circle in the offending team’s zone without penalizing the player.
  • Any player who receives a misconduct penalty in the third period when there is less than 10 minutes remaining will be suspended for the subsequent game
  • Any player ejected from a match for a reason deemed by the referee to be dangerous or detrimental to the game will be suspended pending a review by the board of directors

Playoff Ties Round Robin Tiebreakers

  1. Most wins
  2. Head-to-head results
  3. Goals for minus Goals against
  4. Goals for
  5. Fewest penalty minutes

Semi-Final & Championship Ties

  1. One 5 minute stop time period of Over-Time.
    followed by if required
  2. One regulation shoot-out, 5 shooters per team. (Note: All players must shoot once before any player may repeat)
  3. If still tied, shooters go 1v1.