Ottawa West Ball Hockey League (OWBHL) games are officiated by Ontario Ball Hockey Association (OBHA) certified officials.

The OWBHL accepts a limited number of youth officials, each year.  Individuals wishing to be considered for an OWBHL officiating position must apply directly with the OWBHL by completing an OWBHL Referee Application Form and submitting it to by March 1, 2020.  Only individuals selected for the OWBHL Officiating Program will be contacted. The OWBHL cannot guarantee that all applicants will be accepted.

Individuals selected for the OWBHL Officiating Program will be required to successfully complete the OBHA’s Referee Certification Course.  For information on the OBHA certification course, please consult the OBHA website.  Certification must be successfully completed on an annual basis.  Failure to successfully complete the course shall result in the individual being removed from the OWBHL’s Officiating Program.

We strongly recommend that officials seek confirmation of acceptance into the OWBHL Officiating Program prior to registering for the OBHA Referee Certification Course.

Rules & Regulations

  • All referees must arrive at the arena 15 minutes prior to each game.
  • All referees must report the absence of their fellow referee 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.
  • All referees must sign game sheets at the conclusion of each game.
  • All referees must submit the proper paperwork and reports to the league in the event of a situation such as a coach ejection / player ejection / a game misconduct / a gross misconduct / a match penalty / a misconduct relating to head contact.  A report shall be submitted within 12 hours of the incident occurring.
  • Any suspected concussion be immediately reported to the league and OWBHL President.
  • All referees must wear proper attire. This includes a striped shirt, whistle, CSA helmet (visor strongly recommended), black shorts (length – knee-high).
  • New officials may be subject to the OWBHL Shadow Program.