What is the OWBHL?
The OWBHL is a not-for-profit ball hockey league, which prides itself on offering a fun and recreational activity to children and youth ages 5 to 17.

How long does the program run?
The OWBHL season normally runs for 10 weeks.  Due to the ongoing pandemic, the length and timing of the season may be impacted by public health measures and arena availability.

How many sessions are there?
Teams usually have 2 sessions per week for a total of 20 games/sessions.

What are the age groups?
For OWBHL age groups please click here.

Will there be games in 2022?
OWBHL programming, normally, consists solely of games.  We are hopeful that we will be able to return to this format for the 2022 season.  However, as a result of the ongoing pandemic, 2022 programming may require adjustments and/or modifications to align with public health measures and guidance.  Programming may change or evolve as a result of changes to public health and safety guidelines.

Will I be subject to health and safety guidelines to participate?
The OWBHL anticipates issuing health and safety requirements prior to the commencement of programming.  Players, parents, and guardians will be required to adhere to those requirements in order to participate.  This may include health and safety screening as well as proof of vaccination.

Please read the current OWBHL COVID protocols.

When are the games/sessions?
Games/sessions for our co-ed divisions are normally played on Friday night and Saturday morning/early afternoon.  However, due to the ongoing pandemic and slab time availability, we may have to schedule some games on Sundays and/or weekdays.

Games/sessions for our Girls Division are normally played on Sunday morning/early afternoon.  Due to the ongoing pandemic and slab time availability, scheduling may require adjustment to alternate days.

When does the season start?
The current plan is to start the season the weekend of April 15th, 2022 and have programming run until June 26th, 2022, with teams in our Co-ed division having 20 sessions and players in our Learn Play Program and Girls Division having 10 sessions scheduled within those 11 weeks. 

Where will sessions be played?
Games are played at arenas in the City of Ottawa.  The location of games varies from year to year based on rink availability.  We are currently awaiting the confirmation of rink availability for the 2022 season.  In the past, the OWBHL has played at rinks such as the Belltown Dome, Dulude Arena, Barbara Ann Scott, Bell Arena, Brewer Arena, McNabb Arena, Mlacak Arena, Jack Charron Arena, and the Nepean Sportsplex.

How long are the sessions?
Each session will be scheduled for 45-60 minutes of time.

How many players are on a team?
The OWBHL anticipates that there will be approximately 11-16 players on a team in the 2022 season.

What equipment do I need?
Players are required to wear a helmet, gloves, shin guards (hockey or soccer), proper footwear, and bring a stick.  Elbow pads, knee pads, and a protective cup are highly recommended.

Are street hockey sticks permitted?
Plastic screw-in street hockey stick blades are not permitted.

Can I register a team?
OWBHL does not allow team registration.  Each player must register individually.

Can I play with a friend?
A player may request to play with a buddy.  The player’s buddy must be playing in the same age group as the player.  The buddy must also request on his or her registration form to play with the player.  Only matching buddy requests will be considered.  Players may only request ONE buddy.  The OWBHL cannot guarantee that all buddy requests will be adhered to.

Will OWBHL provide a uniform?
Each player will receive an OWBHL t-shirt at the start of the season.  Players may keep their t-shirt at the end of the season.

I want to play goalie.  Will the league provide me with goalie equipment?
Yes.  The OWBHL provides a set of goalie equipment to each team.  All borrowed equipment must be returned at the end of the OWBHL season.  All goalies must wear full equipment and a CSA-approved mask and helmet.  Street hockey masks are NOT permitted.

Will there be a picture day?
The OWBHL normally offers a picture day.  Due to the ongoing pandemic, the possibility of a picture day will be determined closer to the start of the season.

Is there an end-of-season celebration?
The OWBHL normally hosts a BBQ and award ceremony during the last weekend of the season.  Due to the ongoing pandemic, the possibility of an end-of-season celebration will be reviewed at a later date.